Food and Eating at BiCon

This year, all accommodation is self-catered.

We have provided a list of the nearest supermarkets and their walking distance from both the Newton Building and our accommodation. Check out the amenities page.

Details of white goods/facilities for cooking in the accommodation can be found on the accommodation page.

Unfortunately, as per the venues policy, outside food is not allowed within the Newton Building.

There will be a restaurant open 9:00-15:00 within the building where you can buy food and refreshments.

As the only food the venue will allow to be consumed in the building must be paid for, for the moment we have decided not to host the popular Naked Lunch this year as it seems unreasonable that essentially people must pay to attend!

We hope to organise a large picnic at the Nottingham Arboretum on Friday instead and encourage all attendees to stop by.

Being in the city centre means that your choice of restaurants to visit during BiCon is almost endless!

For the usual chains, we recommend the nearby Cornerhouse or the Clocktower Dining within the Victoria Shopping Centre.

For more unusual and independent bars and restaurants, we recommend exploring the historic Lace Market (10 minute walk or two stops on the tram).

Please use the “foodies” channel on the Official BiCon 2023 Discord Server to arrange group outings to bars and restaurants.

All confirmed attendees will have been sent an invite link shortly after booking. Give a nudge if you need the link sending again!