BiCon Decides/DMP Information

BiCon Decides 2023 took place on Saturday 5th August.

The minutes for BiCon Decides 2023 can be found here.

The proposed resolutions put forward at BiCon Decides 2023 can be found here:

Both resolutions were voted on and passed.

“BiCon Decides” (formerly the Decision Making Plenary) is a meeting that takes place at every BiCon to make decisions about future BiCons.

It will be chaired by a person who is not a member BiCon 2023 organiser team or BiCon Continuity Ltd, with the organiser team providing secretariat support. It will be open to all BiCon 2023 attendees.

The Decision Making Plenary will take place 9:00-10:15 on Saturday 5th August.

To make the DMP as constructive and accessible as possible, the following rules will apply:

  • Please submit any written agenda items 5 days in advance (by 11:59pm on Sunday 30 July 2023) to allow attendees to read them. We will allow some flexibility on this where it concerns issues that arise during BiCon 2023. Where possible, please try and keep written items to no more than 2 pages and in an accessible typeface and format. We would recommend giving a short explanation of the issue you want to raise, what you think should be done, and a one sentence resolution you want people to vote on.
  • The agenda and all written agenda items will be published on the BiCon 2023 Discord server 48 hours in advance of the DMP. All agenda items will be allocated a time limit for discussion to ensure everything can be covered.
  • Attendees may comment on agenda items during the DMP or email comments to, where they will be read out by the chair during the DMP. The organisers and chair reserve the right to discard comments that are abusive or would otherwise breach the Code of Conduct.
  • Any resolutions that attendees are asked to vote on will be emailed to all BiCon attendees for a vote. Voting will take place after the DMP meeting via an online form to ensure that every attendee gets a say.