BiCon 2023 took place 3rd-6th August 2023 at Nottingham Trent University City Campus.

The team would like to thank everyone who attended and took part to make the event a such a success.

What is BiCon?

BiCon is the UK’s annual Con-vention or Con-ference for bi+ people, their partners, friends and allies.

This year we invite hundreds of bisexuals from across the country to gather in the centre of the historic city of Nottingham to take part in discussions, educational seminars, games, socialising and fun!

A “Hybrid” Event

We are delighted to announce that BiCon 2023 will be a hybrid event – online attendees will be able to join in the fun too!

If you are unable to attend BiCon 2023 in person due to health, logistics or any other reason, we’ve got you covered.

What happens at BiCon?

BiCon is a unique experience for everyone and it is what you decide to make of it!

There will be sessions throughout the daytime held in the spacious and modern Newton Building – these can range from hard hitting discussions on topics such as world LGBTQ+ equality issues; fun lectures covering anything from queer history to sex toys; to casual, relaxing spaces to play games or just vibe amongst your bi+ peers.

In the evening we will have access to The Loft, a private licensed bar in the award winning Students’ Union.

Online attendees will have access to a livestream from our hybrid sessions room via Zoom and there will be socialising opportunities beyond the “classroom” too!

All attendees will have access to a private Discord server and encouraged to organise community activities either on or offline. (Invites will be sent out to all paying attendees shortly after booking).

Meet The Team

The humans who organised BiCon 2023 were:

Al (they/them) – Lead Organiser and Booking Coordinator

“ I am the co-organiser of Nottingham BiTopia, co-host of the podcast The Queer Spectrum and co-organiser of East Midlands Megagames. This is my second BiCon. After seeing what a valuable space BiCon is for many of us, I decided to volunteer to lead organising BiCon 2023.”


Daisy (she/her) – Website and Sessions Coordinator

“I am a disabled writer, burlesque artist, tattoo and piercing enthusiast, parrot lover, trauma survivor and all round unapologetic queer, autistic hot mess!  I am active co-organising social events within my local kink and queer community (including Nottingham BiTopia), volunteering at an exotic bird sanctuary and blogging about sex positivity, chronic illness and sustainable living at I also love horror movies, metal/rock music and Pokémon! I am really looking forward to coordinating an exciting and diverse timetable for BiCon 2023!”


Em (she/her) – Safeguarding and Welfare

“Hey, I’m Emily. In my 30s, demi-bisexual, ambiamorous, married with two dogs who are Dandie Dinmonts. I have multiple chronic illnesses but manage to work as a therapist and grief counsellor. In my spare time I like to go on long walks on the beach……But seriously I like to walk with my dogs, do some hula hooping, blog writing, watch horror-comedies, and listen to music – mostly nu-metal, rock, and pop punk.”


Eunice (she/her) – Anti-Racism Officer

“I’m a geeky, bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, queer, British Chinese cis woman on the asexuality spectrum. I’m a therapist, author, podcaster, project manager, and events manager, and I’ve been a community organiser, speaker, and meetup facilitator within various spaces for around a decade. I’ve been attending BiCons since 2009.”

Special thanks to Kathryn, Judy, Rob & Charlotte.