COVID-19 Policy

In line with current public health advice and balancing the need to protect people with holding an in-person community event, we will implement the following COVID-19 policy.

  • Face masks will not be mandatory but those who wish to wear one will of course be respected.
  • Masks will also be available free of charge to anyone who wants one.
  • A negative Lateral Flow Test must be shown at registration. We encourage attendees to be sensible by testing prior to travel and not attending BiCon if they test positive. There is a list of nearby pharmacies and their opening times here where you can buy your own.
  • We do not require proof of vaccination status.
  • Anyone who believes they have symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive will be issued with a full refund, up to two weeks before and including on the day of BiCon registration.

Actions we are taking to help avoid illness at BiCon

  • For BiCon 2023 we have deliberately selected a large, modern and well-ventilated venue which facilitates social distancing for those that would prefer this for themselves when moving around.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available around the venue and attendees are encouraged to wash their hands at regular intervals.
  • Attendees wishing to social distance will be issued with a different lanyard so that others know to leave space around them.
  • Attendees who want no physical contact with others (for any reason) will also be issued with a different lanyard.
  • The session rooms and lecture theatre are very large and well-ventilated and will be used at a significantly reduced capacity e.g. the session rooms can comfortably accommodate more than 70 people but we expect to cap numbers at around 30.
  • Areas towards the back of the session rooms and lecture theatre will have chairs spaced apart for those who wish to social distance.
  • Attendees who wish to use the on-site accommodation will have the option to request to be in a “masks only” flat.
  • Bullying, harassment or unkind comments regarding any attendee’s decision whether or not to wear a face covering will not be tolerated and will be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct.